One of the largest in Tokyo Skin Tannery

We have one of the largest facilities in Tokyo for purchasing, tanning, and dyeing leather, and our monthly production volume averages 10,000 skins, with a maximum of 20,000 skins. We are especially good at manufacturing soft leather such as sheep, goat, and deer.


We purchase high quality raw materials from all over the world,
and deliver the best piece of leather to you with our sensitivity and outstanding technology that we have built up since our establishment in 1903.
We deliver the best leather to you.

Since its establishment in 1903, the company has traveled all over the world to carefully select and purchase high quality raw materials by seeing and touching it.
Each piece of leather is different. We strive to provide you with the best quality leather by understanding the characteristics of each piece of leather and using our sensitivity and outstanding technical skills.

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Sourcing only high quality skins from around the world
Sourcing only high quality raw materials
from around the world

Since the company's establishment, we have been purchasing raw materials directly from overseas, seeing and touching them with our own eyes and purchasing only the best quality materials. We have traveled to Spain to source good quality lamb. We purchase raw materials from dozens of countries around the world, including sheep and goat from India and Pakistan.

We specialize in processing soft leather such as sheep, goat, and deer.
We specialize in processing soft leather such as sheep, goat, and deer.

We are good at processing relatively soft leathers, such as lamb skin, which is light and soft and is often used for leather jackets, goat skin, which has a unique glossy surface and is highly durable, and deer skin, which has excellent moisture retention, breathability, and flexibility.

Processing technology that creates originality
Processing technology
that creates originality

We have the facilities and finishing technology to handle everything from raw material procurement to tanning, dyeing, and finishing. We have one of the largest facilities in Tokyo, so we are confident that we can meet all your needs.

Can be shipped from a single piece of leather
Can be shipped from a single piece of leather

We ship even a single piece of leather to meet the detailed requests of leather product creators. If you have any questions about leather, please feel free to contact us.


We are one of the few skin tanneries in Tokyo that handles everything from procurement of raw materials to tanning, dyeing, and finishing.
With a large number of facilities and outstanding technology, we have been producing high quality leather for over 110 years since the establishment of the company, putting strong feelings into each piece of leather.
Although the leather changes into various forms depending on the tanner, we always strive to deliver a consistent quality.

Environmental Initiatives

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    Dyeing Drum

    It is a drum-shaped rotating vessel used to rotate materials or leathers with bath.It is used in the water treatment process of the leather manufacturing process, including the preparation, tanning, re-tanning, dyeing and fatliquoring processes.It may also be used for softening the dried leather. They are usually made of wood, but can also be made of reinforced plastic.Drums are available in large, medium and small sizes, and the appropriate size drum is used for each process.The drum is equipped with an inlet and outlet for leather and other materials, a lid, an inlet for injecting chemicals attached to the rotating bearing, and a rod-like protrusion (dowel) or shelf on the inner wall to help agitate the contents.

  • Hydrolic Iron

    Also known as a press iron.A hydraulic press is used to press the coated surface of the leather with a heated, smooth metal plate under high pressure. The main purpose of this process is to smooth and glaze the leather and fix the coating film.

  • Rotary Spray Machine

    This equipment is used to apply a paint finish by spraying paint on leather. This equipment consists of a spray gun, an air compressor, and a spray booth (a chamber in which the spray gun operates, usually equipped with a mechanism to discharge dusty air).A drying booth is provided to dry the painted paint, and a conveyor belt allows for continuous operation.

  • Roller coater

    This machine applies paint to the leather surface by placing the leather on a conveyor belt and passing it through a mesh roller with engraved grooves or a pattern roller with engraved patterns.
    Those in which the mesh roller rotates in the direction opposite to that of the conveyor belt can be used as a coating machine, while those in which the pattern roller rotates at a constant speed in the same direction as the feed roller can be used as a printing machine. Although the thickness of the leather must be uniform, it is widely used as an economical coating method because, unlike spraying, no paint is lost except to the leather.
    The amount of paint applied is controlled by the doctor blade as determined by the depth and area of the grooves dug. A large amount of paint can be applied at one time.

  • Glazing Machine

    This machine glazes leather. A glass cylinder is pressed strongly against the leather and moved back and forth from the front to the back. The grin surface becomes denser due to the heat of friction and compression, and a strong gloss, transparency, and smoothness are obtained.

  • Polishing machine

    This is a machine that rubs the surface of leather with a high-speed rotating roller. By rubbing with a felt roller, even soft leather can be made into a dense, high-gloss, smooth surface.

  • Vibration Staking Machine

    This is one of the machines used to loosen and soften leather by staking it. There are protrusions that reciprocate at high speed at different positions on the top and bottom, and the leather is loosened and softened by passing between them. This machine is capable of continuous operation.

  • Butterfly Machine

    One of the machines used to soften leather; the softness is obtained by sucking one end of about 10 pieces of leather and shaking it up and down at high speed with a stroke of about 50 cm.

We accept orders for even a single piece of leather.
Please tell us about your "passion".

"Please feel free to contact us if you want to encounter more new leathers, create more interesting leather products, or if you are a corporate product developer or leather goods craftsman.

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For those who want to see the color and texture of the leather in their handsWe will send you a leather sample book.(Paid)